Steering Committee

The steering committee determines the direction, focus and development of the Legislative Assemblies Continuity Network to promote and enhance the resilience capabilities of our Legislatures.

Legislative Assembly business continuity professionals are available to assist with inquiries pertaining to the “Managing Disruption” Business Continuity for Legislatures” guide.

Associate Members

A collective forum, which fosters an environment to learn, contribute and share business continuity practices within Legislative Assemblies.

To become an associate, please contact any member of the steering committee.

CountryLABCoN RoleKey Contact Email
Department of the House of RepresentativesAssociate MemberMs. Peggy Danee
House of Commons - CanadaDepartment of the House of RepresentativesMrs. Sylvie Prud’
Senate of CanadaAssociate MemberMr. Eric
Legislative Assembly of British ColumbiaAssociate MemberMrs. Melanie
Legislative Assembly of OntarioSteering CommitteeMr. Hugh McGreechan; Ms. Nancy
National Assemblée of QuébecAssociate MemberMonsieur Marc
Houses of the OireachtasAssociate MemberMr. Charles Hearne; Mr. Robert Linsay; Ms. Louise
United Kingdom
House of Commons – LondonSteering CommitteeMr. John
The Scottish ParliamentSteering CommitteeMr. Tommy
New Zealand
House of RepresentativesSteering CommitteeMr. Steve